July 11, 2011

Adam, Don't Eat of THAT Tree...

God told Adam to not eat from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil... likewise, I stay far far away from that "tree" nowadays... yet when I tell Christians that I am completely dead to the Law (as Paul told his listeners to die to the Law), they look at me like I'm the devil himself. LOL

The Tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil is of course a metaphor for the Old Covenant Law... for that is what the Law does, it discerns between good and evil... and the sin mindset / good / bad / guilty conscience / judgement / self-righteousness pride / ego... is the fruit that the tree produces.

How cunning is that devil we know as religion... it tells us that if we try really hard to be good, to shun evil, to point out faults in others, etc... then we will be close to God or should I say, we'll be just like God... just as the devil told Adam in the Bible narrative.

Religion sounds so right to the human mind, yet it does not produce the fruits of God, but rather it produces death (lack of peace, joy and unconditional love)...

But all of this is designed by God Himself... His own little smokescreen to hide the mystery that He is... yet He reveals Himself to the persons who are humble and gentle of Spirit and hides the true from those who are learned and wise in their own eyes.

Blessed / Happy are those who seek after Christ... not after Christianity.

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Perfect. Well Done Dave. :D