June 16, 2011

Mega Grace Revealed by Jath van der Westhuizen

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Since the beginning of Christianity did church fathers, theologians and devoted Christians compile endless volumes about this amazing theme. Divinely inspired words of song writers still echo as we celebrate the splendor of grace during worship meetings. Every Christian has either played, hummed, whispered or sang 'Amazing grace' countless times in his or her life. Yet, despite all the existing libraries of valuable material and resources, not many believers operate in the sphere of grace.

Often, feelings of condemnation and inferiority along with judgmental legalism and performance-based attitudes still dictate their way of thinking. This fundamental lack of understanding what grace essentially means has paralyzed the body of Christ to a great extent. Another crippling argument that demonstrates this blankness is that we must be careful to put too much emphasis on grace. 

Recently somebody warned me that I must stop riding on the back of grace. My response was that it is impossible to ride on its back. It is actually the other way around in the sense that grace is working in us. As grace is not a license to sin, it produces and reveals the Christ-life.

There is, however, a warning to potential readers: 'Mega grace revealed' highlights dimensions of grace that will certainly not fit into the framework of a comfortable religious mold. This revolutionary message will touch your life in a mega way. Spiritual Parental Guidance is therefore advised!

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