February 24, 2011


It's been two years since Pagan Christianity was released. The book debuted hitting #11 on Amazon.com (out of all books). Today, interest in the book is still very strong as it's often rated the #1 book in Ecclesiology (Amazon) and regularly appears on Tyndale's top 10 best-seller lists. Critiques and objections continue to be written, yet most of them are a rehash of the arguments that have already been addressed and discussed on this page.

An often overlooked fact is that Pagan Christianity is not a stand alone book. It's only the first half of the argument. As such, it's very incomplete.
Reimagining Church is the necessary follow-up. Pagan Christianity deconstructs while Reimagining Church constructs. Both books must be read together, therefore, to form a complete picture. 

Take some time on this page. It contains incisive interviews with Frank and George about the content of the book. It also contains public debates with scholars as well as scores of specific questions, objections, and critiques along with responses from the authors. 

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