January 9, 2011

The Wages Of Sin Is Spiritual Death

by Dave Lewerenz

The wages of sin (consciousness) is spiritual deadness (shame, guilt, perceived separation from God)... that's why Paul says in Romans 8:1, there is now therefore to condemnation (guilt / shame because of sin) for those who are in Christ Jesus. Read in audience context, the Jews were under the Law (ministry of death - sin consciousness), so THOSE who were leaving the Old Covenant Law mindset / consciousness were no longer condemned inside (hell), but those who remained under the Law mindset, didn't find rest (Sabbath) for the soul (mind), but remained in "hell". 

Likewise, Christians who focus on the Law mindset remain outside the Gates of Peace, Joy and Assurance of being right with God (the kingdom Romans 14:17)... they remain in "hell", in agony and torment spiritually... taking on the servant mindset (I gotta do this and that or God will be angry with me / works mentality) instead of realizing their rightful place as a child of God inside the King's palace. 

"Hell" / lake of fire / agony / torment / etc... are all ultimately spiritual concepts about the here and now inside of religious / God believing people... has NOTHING to do with people who don't believe in God. 

Being "saved" (being made whole - Greek word = Sozo) I believe speaks about passing from the law/sin mindset to one of life, joyfulness, inner peace, etc...


Brian said...

Agree 100% brother!

rain said...

i am fervently plodding through this.... i do believe that all will be reconciled to God and that there will be the time between the second coming and the ultimate end of the age...what is this time?

wendy said...

Great message, thank you for the word..