January 7, 2011

The Fall of Saul (Religion) ~ by Jacob Israel

From Jacob Israel (http://jacobisrael.org/)

I taped this and put this together just after sunrise. Because after waking up (5:30am) I knew a warning needed to go out. I put this whole thing together in the shortest time ever, it took me all of 45 minutes. This is the most different, and direct video diaries I've ever done. It is for my sincere hope of restoration for what has come, and what may come, but also to encourage those "David's" hiding from the Great Religion Saul, who worried a truth of love and hope and purpose would cost him his Kingdom.

But what Saul never knew was had he simply loved "David" his Kingdom would have never been so amazing. Instead, the Religious System has forced so many into battle, but this is a losing battle, so long as you are on Saul's side. This is a desperate call for people to ask God "teach me the truth no matter what the cost." Because LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, PEACE, AND SHARING is what will bring the greatest riches to mankind. I pray this speaks directly to those who need to hear it. So this morning I put this together, in the time it takes make breakfast, a blessed video for sure. I pray you enjoy. 

Find more videos by Jacob Israel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasCalls


EdenFire said...

The truth is racing forward out into the world and no one can stop it! Bless you for being part of this effort, part of Our Body, His Body, the temple of lively stones NOT made with human hands.


Alicia said...

He has a new 'revised' video of "Fall of Saul". I have it on my page and just posted it last night as matter of fact. God Bless!