October 26, 2010

The Wide and Narrow Roads... What Are They?

"Heaven" is not easily obtained... heaven is not a place up in the sky, but rather a spiritual mindset of peace, joy and righteousness (knowing one is right with God) that can be experienced right here and now! 

Many terms in the Bible that most Christians see as physical / literal places, are nothing more then descriptions of our spiritual mindset at any given time.

The religious mindset is the wide road that leads to destruction of our peace with God, while grace, peace and love (Christ / Spirit) is the narrow road so few people find... because "religion' makes sense to our human thinking. 

This is why when Jesus taught the people, Love your enemies and do good to those who hate / mistreat you... people thought Jesus was nuts. LOL

"Hell" makes sense to the religious mind, but when we really get to know the mind and heart of God personally, we can't help but question the hell doctrine and so many other popular beliefs within the church, because they really are opposite of what God is like.

When I say religious mindset, I'm not trying to sound all spiritual or above anyone, as we all have a religious / carnal mind within us... it is this mindset that we battle against. The battle is against "principalities of the air", which basically means principals of the spiritual realm... our preconceived ideas and mindset. As Paul put it, RENEW your mind and Jesus constantly taught REPENT... Repent is a fancy religious word that simply means to have a change of mind.

The spiritual battles we hear often in Christiandom are not against some scary demonic creatures with horns and really bad teeth...LOL... but rather against false beliefs and ideologies within our minds / hearts.

Pray about these things...

The abundant life Jesus came to give has to do with the freeing of our minds out of man made religious traditions and into the glorious light of love, mercy, compassion, peace, etc... too all people, not just those who believe as you do or are kind too us... to all people! 

Blessed / happy are those who learn to love even the most vile angry people... narrow is that road and so very few find it. 

By Dave Lewerenz


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Nice man! From Jacob

Dave Lewerenz said...

Thanks for dropping by bro :-)

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