October 5, 2010

A Quick Thought on Salvation

I don't believe mankind as a whole ever needed to be saved in an eternal sense. To me the whole being saved thing was about the Jews back then being saved from the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 & being "saved" from the curse of the Law, which is being separated from God, not in reality, but in our own mind / perception. 

As for us nowadays, it's not a saved or not saved issue... it's again a perception problem. God is at peace with ALL people, just most of them don't realize it yet because religious leaders have not been given a revelation of the true Gospel! Why.... Because as humans we tend to glorify those that we believe. If truth comes from our human teachers, we glorify them, instead of God... so God reveals truths to those who seek Him directly, not those who place their trust in the words of human teachers!

Even now, DO NOT believe what I am saying... ASK God, seek Him and you will be given truths that are hidden from most!



I see what you're saying Dave ... however, Jath van der Westerhuizen explains & expounds some of this very well in his FB note, "It Was Eve's Fault!". I think he's got a pretty good handle on some truth, and especially this subject of salvation.
Be Blessed!

Dave Lewerenz said...

Yea Tony, Jath is a great writer, and we agree on many things... I'm just trying to keep things simple for my readers, especially those who have never contemplated some of these things before. Don't wanna hit them with the heavier stuff yet. :-)