September 1, 2010

Did Adam's Sin Really Separate Him and Eve From God?

An excerpt from a friend of mine (Ed Burley) on this topic...

Prior to their eating, they were naked but unashamed. After eating, their eyes were opened and they felt shame - so they hid. Again, it was humankind who felt alienated from God...they were not living, they were "dead in their trespasses and sins."

The NT says that "though death reigned from Adam to Moses, their sins were not imputed to their account for there was no law." After Moses, law empowered sin, which resulted in death (it was death's sting).

Paul taught that before the Law, he didn't know what coveting was, he was alive...then he heard the commandment "you shall not covet" and he then coveted (his eyes were opened to his nakedness) and he died.

Go back to Sinai...God talks to Moses (thunder, lightning, etc.). He tells Moses to go get the people. they say "NO, just find out what he wants us to do and we'll do it." Yeah, right! God tells Moses to tell the people not to come up, not to even touch the holy mountain until they hear the ram's horn. Later, the ram's horn is heard, and God tells Moses to go have the people come up; Moses responds, "NO Lord, you told them not to even touch the mountain." The next thing we see is God giving Moses the Law - writing it with God's own hand on tablets of stone.

Moses takes it down to the people, and they are frolicking (what was that about doing what God said?). Moses "breaks the law," and ends up going back up on the mountain to rewrite the commandments with HIS hand this time. This is symbolic of man's sad attempts to hide themselves with religion and rules. What God wanted all along was relationship...

That's what Jesus brought. Death was non-relationship (but it was all man's perception of things) while LIFE was abundant, it was and still is relationship with God.

Credit to Ed Burley

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