August 29, 2010

The Glory of God by Barry J DuPont

By Barry J DuPont

What is the Glory of God and how are we to see it? 

If God is not love then his glory is but his tyranny. 
If God is not genuinely interested in you (and others) then he is only interested in himself. 

The Glory of God is the fact that his magnificence is combined with the fact that he is genuinely interested in you. Such a magnificence if not combined or attached to your well being, and my well being, if not framed in love, would make him nothing more than an in charge egocentric tyrant. You would not want to serve a God like that. At some point you grow beyond such a God. You would get tired of such a God, tired of bowing and scraping to feed his ego. Simply put you would not be able to keep up the charade forever. You would eventually see through it and tire of it. Eventually you would chose to pay whatever price whatever consequence there might be attached to the "disobedience" of rather choosing to love others that He does not! Your heaven would have become a living hell. 

Of course this is all hypothetical because of the fact that it cannot or could not be true. God must be love, because it is inconceivable that you or I could outgrow him. 

That is His glory. 
The message of the Bible was to leave behind the egocentric image or idol construct coming from trying to form and fashion our view of God through our our egocentric tendencies. To begin to see through our own forming of God through our own false self image. It's the deeper meaning of the Hebrew "temple" and the Gentile "idolatry". It's addressed by Paul in Acts chapter 17. Such was at the core of the meaning of "repentance" in that chapter. 

We are not btw, imho riding ourselves of our egos. A source point of consciousness that stands in self awarness will always have a self view of itself. Such is even capable of having a self perception of that self perception. Simply put, you are aware of the fact that you are aware of the fact. You are therefore capable of questioning its accuracy and can become more at home with that fact that there are changes to it and that such changes are not you losing yourself. For there is always a "self" that can love and ultimate does and will love. That is the binding element. 

The above may not explain the totality of our developmental process, but it does imo touch on its actual structure. 
God is love and that is where we are all heading. There are no exceptions. 

Such does not necessarily imply a postmortem agenda of personal growth as if this world does not have a significance and agenda within the mind of God. Imho it is this premature conclusion that needs to be questioned and imo dismissed. God made here because he has agenda here. Biblically it is why NJ comes "down". 

As we combine these two points together we can contemplate about our time here. God is love, don't worry. If "uncomfortable" happens it is because it has to have its place in the larger scheme of things whatever that scheme is. For God is love. Some "uncomfortable" is avoidable some is not. The larger scheme that resides in the love of God remains. 
We thus have the very best world that God could give us at this time in view of and structured within God's agenda. 

How then do we relate to all of this? 
Do not internalize your own perceptions of injustice and unfairness to the detriment of your own functioning. Rather be a peace in the love of God, knowing whatever is whether at times avoidable or not, does stand in the larger scheme of God's love. 
Avoid uncomfortableness, when wisdom allows for it, but don't make a religion out of it. Don't make a religion out of anything not because you need to hate it, but because such places your own self perception of yourself somewhere other than in the very essence of love. Religion is not evil it is immature. Immaturity is not a sin. Do not internalize your own perceptions of injustice and unfairness to the detriment of your own functioning. 

Go in peace. Grow in peace. See the love. God is love. 
We are all in this together. 

By Barry DuPont

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