May 6, 2012

God is love by Barry DuPont

God is love. At first glance one might see a contradiction is scripture between some statements about love and the growing threat of condemnation and separation that was being communicated to the old covenant adherent.

In fact this "first glance" should not be ignored. When we read about "loving your enemy", and so then being perfect in the way like God is perfect (or mature), and when we listen carefully about what Paul said about love in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 we should be surprised by the simultaneous message of destruction and perishing.

Often in biblical futurism this is addressed in either some form of Universalism or by just ignoring the "love" verses and embracing the "judgment" scriptures.

The fulfillment approach offers a viable alternative to the "duality" of message that so often is embraced in some form or another. That alternative is that salvation was either through belief and holding fast until the end, or through destruction and perishing, where the perishing is simply the end of the old covenant creature.

This works very will with 1 tim. 4:10 for example. And also many statements in Corinthians chapter 3 and 5. Which paint a destruction "in the flesh" or the the glorying in the flesh and so then a salvation in the spirit. Not to be seen in a physical verses spiritual dichotomy but rather as a fulfilled revelation in human history. Where "the flesh" is a mind set in the standing of types and figures.

In this way then the threat of "punishment" also corresponds to the "law" mindset or the "consciousness" in the ending of types and figures.

All of this info then begins to fit together with forcing the puzzle pieces into places that they don't rally seem to belong.

So then God is love. But God did chose to speak with the defiled conscience of man in "religion". A "religion" of types and figures.

This matches also like glove the statement we see in 1 John. Especially chapter 2-4.

So we see then that those of "the faith" were being perfected in love in anticipation of the day of judgment so that they could have boldness in this "day".

Many more "parts" and "pieces" do fit together in this whole "picture". More than can be brought up in a little post.

One of the things that this approach answers is the problem of soteriology being linked directly to eschatology. It would be hard to dismiss the "perfection" the "completion" of the faithful in this very eschatolgical time restraint.

In other words we can have neither one or the other. Both are behind us. For both are framed in fulfillment. Both are framed in their holding fast until the end with the promise of their faith and hope being actualized.

This then fits perfectly with the whole concept of a fulfilled revelation. One of a love of God revealed. A love so deep that even through destruction there was life given. A revelation that man does not stand in any independence whatsoever. Types and figures removed! Yes God is love. No contradiction no glossing over passages of scripture or pitting some verses against others.

Where the severity of God in ending the old was for the benefit of all. Where we cannot brake love we can frustrate it. And while there is no condemnation there is consequence. But in all of this what we see is an inherent Union. God is inescapable. That simply cannot promote a mind set of exploitation of others in what we can get away with. No that's senseless in this scenario. Rather God is inescapable. So stop trying! It's fruitless.

Love is the meaning of life itself. Love is it's own reward.

Barry DuPont

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