June 14, 2011

Perspectives of Jesus Christ by Jon Berg

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I know alot of people who claim to try to walk in Jesus' footsteps. Try to live and see as he saw the world.Culturally speaking, The Jews come the closest, and not even just the religious Jews. I was thinking today about how following someone like Jesus could lead to hating someone for some reason. It really depends on WHO you thought Jesus was, and how his behavior reflected his own decisions on God. If you think Jesus hates gays, then you hate gays. Not always, I know. Some people get to Leviticus, where they believe that God is saying gays are worthy of death, and they close the book. Never look back to that verse. Never think about it again. 

Here's my point... It MAKES a difference if you KNOW the culture or not. It makes a difference whether you believe Jesus got mad at some moneychangers cause they were workin in the church, or whether you believe he was simply having a family argument with his Jewish brothers about the way they were running a cultural service to God. 

A conversation that as Gentiles, we are merely eavesdropping into. We do not usually have the cultural understanding to realize this could be an internal family argument. You've probly had some of them i'm sure, and wouldnt want your entire lifes views to be focused on what you may have said to your family in a heated discussion...Just sayin...  

Some things DON'T translate well. You would have to have lived them. Don't forget that Jesus forgave and even willingly sacrificed himself to those who killed him.That is the message I take from Jesus. Loving God, and Loving your enemies, as much as you love your friends.That was the example he gave to me. I hope my footsteps follow accordingly.

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