April 26, 2011

Eyes to see and ears to hear

Jesus words are spirit and truth.... in other words, there are two ways of looking at the Bible and life in general. We are physical beings, so seeing through that physical understanding is the easiest, but God uses the physical, both in the Bible and in our own lives, to teach us the spiritual secrets that lead to knowing Him better and why we are here.  

If you've been a Christian for any length of time, you've no doubt heard or read, "Let him who has eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying"... this speaks of being able to understand what God is saying spiritually. 

Most of us have no problem seeing and hearing the physical, but very few people are enabled by the Lord to be able to look beyond the physical and grasp the spiritual lessons contained within the physical. Being able to see the spiritual is determined by God in His timing, there's nothing we can do by ourselves to learn to do this. 
Consider the words and stories in the Bible... if God has given us spiritual understanding, we can see that the adventures of Abraham, Noah, David, Joshua, Peter, Paul, John, Jesus, etc... actually contain many deeper spiritual truths, not perceived by most Christians. These deeper truths apply to all of humanity in some ways and in other ways, we can see ourselves in each one of these folks. Troubles we go through, circumstances we encounter and many other such applications. 

If what I'm saying sounds weird to you, don't fret, just ask the Lord to help you see them... stop listening to popular preachers for a week or so and just seek the Lord for understanding. Preachers and pastors are used to guide you towards God, but ultimately for us to grasp and benefit from the deeper spiritual applications, Father Himself must open our understanding... ie... give us Eyes to See and Ears to Hear! 

May God bless us all with spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear,

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