February 7, 2011

A testimony from YouTube user - Chrysalis990

Her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Chrysalis990

When I first came to know Jesus, I did not come to him because I was afraid of going to hell. I wanted to have a relatioship with God and was wondering if Jesus was real. I just asked him if he was real and if he was to please reveal himself to me. He did. Over the next week I lost the desire to smoke and I wasn't even trying to quit. I started feeling a sense of awe, love and peace I had never felt before. My eyes were opened. 

I no longer judged anyone because all I could see was Christ in them. I felt like a different person. I picked up a guitar, (I had never played before) and started writing gospel music. I had no clue what I was doing or what chords I was using. I wrote it all in the spirit. A few months later I wanted to meet people who were experiencing this wonderful experience so I went to church and heard the bad news that my unbelieving loved ones were going to be seperated from me for all eternity where they would suffer. 

This was not the God I was coming to know. I didn't believe it at first. I started reading the bible and listened to people in pulpits interpret it for me. I soon came into the bondage of the hell doctrine. I was panicked. I felt it my duty to try and save everyone from hell. Even though the doctrine was contrary to the loving spirit I came to know in Jesus, I still believed it because everyone professing to know Jesus had the same gospel. So I thought it must be true.Before long I started faling from grace. 

I thought I had to do good and be good so that Jesus wouldn't abandon me. Soon the desire to start smoking came back and I started to drink. The light that was given to me freely started to feel like it was getting smaller and smaller. I didn't know where I had gone wrong and why the joy was gone. The next few years I struggled. I grieved every day over the loss of the joy I had found in Jesus. I thought my shortcomings were preventing me hearing his voice. I didn't realize that it was because I was listening to the voice of other people and their gospel. A gospel that was full of hot air. Hellishly hot air.

For the next few 6 years I toiled. I preached the gospel of condemnation to whoever would listen. I went church hopping 5 nights a week looking for a denomination that could bring me peace. I longed for the experience that I had when I first came to know him.
In 2000, God told me he was going to take me out of Babylon. I had no clue what Babylon was back then. I now understand it very well for I have sat in Babylon's pews.

In 2003 I finally heard the real gospel. The gospel that God saves everyone. At first I was cautious as I did not want to go to hell for not believing in hell. I spent months searching the scripture and discovered that Jesus Christ really has saved everyone. I was thrilled. I started hearing his voice again and the peace I had previously started flooding back. I felt like I had hit a spiritual jackpot. And I had. I picked up my guitar after 6 years of not writing songs and wrote an album entitled Behold Babylon Falls.

I thought I'd start a you tube misnistry called Breaking WInd Minstry because I wanted to help bring the message that expells all the hot air. Also in the scripture, wind is likened to false doctrines and teachings. God has a sense of humour and I am sure he is not offended. In fact I'm sure he's the one who gave me the idea.

The good news really is good news. Its not good news for some and horrific news for others. It is 100% good news. God is love. Will you believe?

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