November 9, 2010

Is the Great Tribulation Ahead? by William Bell

The great tribulation prophecy in the Old Testament continues to baffle readers of the Bible.  Is this event soon to occur? Should we be fear? For those who are Preterists, we know that this concern is totally unfounded. There is not such notion as a tribulation in our future related to any of the end times prophecies of the Bible. There are no signs of the times that signal such an event is near.
Yet, many will never take the time and read to discover the simplicity of fulfilled Bible prophecy, at least not in the near future. The other day, I had asubscriber to cancel because they are convinced God would destroy the planet. This came right after I announced my new book, “Will Planet Earth Be Destroyed?” It had all the answers to the question and object raised by the former subscriber, but, there was no expression of interest to even read it.
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