October 27, 2010

"Sin" Doesn't Separate Us From God

By Bob King
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I've been seriously considering how or in what way or why "sin separates" mankind from God. I too grew up with the message that "God cannot be in the presence of sin" - and therefore the purpose of Jesus was to deal with the sin-separation problem for us.

If "sin" has the same effect on us as it did with Adam, then it very well may be that the separation is entirely because of our self-image. It very well may be that sin separates us from God, not from God moving away, but from our "turning our back" to God. The separation may TOTALLY be a perspective thing. It may be totally and only a result of our image of ourselves.

I've come to the conclusion that we are under NO law today and that because we are under no law today, we do not sin today. We may "feel" separated until we come to this understanding, but in God's eyes, there isn't any separation.

By Bob King

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