October 14, 2010

Do most Christians believe that the majority of humans go to Hell?

Do most Christians believe that the majority of humans go to Hell?  I would say Yes, but just because something is popular, doesn't make it true! 

What we read at face value in the English language is often misunderstood and completely different then the intended meaning back then...There are 100's of Hebrew idioms / figures of speech, that most Christians read at face value in English, but these "figures of speech carried a completely different meaning to their original audience!

Consider a popular American figure of speech... "it's raining like cats and dogs out there". If you translate that into French and a French person reads it, they are going to think something is seriously wrong with the weather in America! LOL In many cases, this is just like what has happened to the Bible... people are reading these ancient figures of speech at face value and completely missing it's original meaning! 

Another thing is that down through the years, translators have used their doctrinal bias when translating certain words... one great example is the Greek word Aion, which is often times translated as "forever" or "world", but in those ancient times the word Aion meant Age (period of time). As in when we read that God was going to destroy the "world', what it is really talking about was the end of the Old Covenant Age / system. (Forever is best translated as "for the age"... a period of time, not forever as we tend to think of it!)

Another great example if I may is found in John 15:18-25... the infamous, "the world is going to hate Jesus and His disciples", passage. Preachers tell us this means the unbelievers of our "world" are going to hate us because we believe / follow Jesus, but if we read the passage carefully, especially verses 23-25, we can see that the "world" is NOT talking about unbelievers or the physical planet, but rather the Pharisees / religious teachers back then hating Jesus and His disciples!

Open up your Bible and take a look at John 15:25... it says the "world" hated Jesus because it was written IN THEIR LAW to do so! This is a clear reference to the Jews of that time and the Mosaic Law, not unbelievers as we are taught that this passage says!

More on topic... "hell" is another such term that has been taken completely out of it's ancient context. If I may suggest 2 great articles on the topic for those who wish to look into this further.

These articles are not meant to provide all the answers, but rather to point you to deeper truths not taught within the church system, nor understood by them. Ultimately, the best way to learn these things is too seek the Lord for deeper understanding and let HIM teach you. 

Seek first the Kingdom of God and then all shall be given (and revealed) to you... truth is not taught, it is revealed by the Spirit within us!

Thanks for reading - Peace be in you!

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